We have been working with Jaqui since she started her doggy care business in 2017. She moved the business to Qatar later that year and took us with her - remotely that is! A really fun business to work with and Jaqui has always been open to our concepts and has also introduced us to some whacky ideas of her own.



We more or less had a blank piece of paper to create the brand and marketing assets from. The only essential ingredients were Jaqui's 4 dogs and a couple of her friends dogs to be included within the logo. Working across both print and digital media we have developed numerous campaigns to distinguish the unique services JDDD offers. 

From leaflets and stationery to photography to the design and build of a website we originate and manage all the creative required for JDDD.



Chief was recommended to me … and I couldn't be happier.


Their help has been invaluable from the start and the website they designed and continue to maintain for me is second to none. We have worked together on many fun projects for my company, whatever I have thrown at Chris, he's provided the perfect artwork - check out my website you will see for yourself!




It does not take many words to speak the truth - Chief Joseph