The Story


We had been working with 4twenty2 for several years mainly producing print work - brochures and leaflets. In 2016, David, the founder, asked us to revamp the company website. We took on the job with a  re brand in the back of our minds.


David liked our ideas straight away and extended the job to a complete re brand and a radically different website.

We continue to work with 4twenty2 on a regular basis and are proud to be their sole creative supplier.

The Creative


We were given license to create a website which was challenging to the industry with a light and fun touch. We were set very few rules (just how we like it) but what was important to our client was that the user would be curious enough to go beyond the home page. With ingredients such as bold photography, video, animation and illustrations we met the challenge with new site visitors clicking onto multiple pages.


Please click on this link to view the site -

Client review


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